Dialogue and Languages: Scientists look for a new common ground

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Dialogue and Languages: Scientists look for a new common ground

Friday 24 July 2020
Schedule 17:00-19:00

Casa della Musica - Via dei Capitelli, 3, Trieste


Is it possible a critical revision of the individualistic paradigm that opposes the disciplines of the historical-moral world to the hard sciences? Is it possible instead to develop a relational paradigm that is transversal to scientific methodologies even in their special applications? Scientists from various areas deal with this topic by discussing "form", "relationship", "complexity" starting from the studies on Languages and Dialogue as "the complex Whole".
Contributions of Neurolinguistics and Artificial Intelligence on the "birth" of languages in the spaces of interaction enter the game; of Physics and History on "emergencies", according to obviously very different points of view; of Juridical Sciences on the fundamental effects that this change of paradigm entails in the form of subjectivity.
A literate-scientist leads the game. The Amadeus Adriatic Orchestra “plays” the game with a concert symphony by W.A.Mozart for viola violin and orchestra.

Speakers : Edda Weigand (University of Muenster), Ignazio Licata (ISEM-Institut for Scientific Methodology), Christina Valaki (University of Klagenfurt) Andrea Sgarro (University of Trieste), Gabriella Valera (International Study and Documentation Centre for Youth Culture)
Chair: Giuseppe O. Longo

Image: Frattale by Cinzia Platania




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Organized by
Centro Internazionale di Studi e Documentazione per la Cultura Giovanile
In collaboration with
Università degli Studi di Trieste, Dipartimento di Scienze Giuridiche, del Linguaggio, della Interpretazione, della Traduzione
CRID - Centro Ricerca Interdisciplinare su Discriminazioni e Vulnerabilità
Forum Mondiale dei Giovani Diritto di Dialogo/Associazione Poesia e Solidarietà
Forum for Humanities, Institut Nova Revije Lubiana