Cathedral Effect - Art€ch or total war with the phisicist Hans Grassmann

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Cathedral Effect - Art€ch or total war with the phisicist Hans Grassmann

Thursday 30 July 2020
Schedule 18:00-20:00



Scientists knew already 20 years ago that CO2 is increasing and that this will have consequences. And that this can be avoided only with new technologies . But these new technologies were not and are not being developed, in spite of huge public spendings.

Heraklit has claimed that war is father of all. Do we need a war to create the scientific progress needed for saving humanity from the disaster of global warming? Since this problem threatens the entire planet, would this war need to be total?

Or can we give science a new creative powered responsibility by re-connecting it with the creativity, freedom and individuality of art? Can we make progress based on culture, instead of war?
To a large extent European art was financed by the church, but the church does not do that anymore. Could art be financed through scientific progress?”
In the conference “Art€ch or total war” phisicist Hans Grassmann, will present his theories and answer questions.

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