Cathedral Effect

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Cathedral Effect

Wednesday 08 July 2020
Schedule 18:00-20:00

Spazio d'arte Trart - Viale XX Settembre, 33, Trieste


Cathedral Effect is an unpublished exhibition by Luigi Tolotti, photographer and artist of the image.
Tolotti is known for his tireless technical and scientific research in the representation of the photographic image even by advant-gard installations.

With the exhibition Luigi Tolotti investigates the relationship between colors and emotions through an exhibition path in which his "light boxes" appear as hypnotic metaphors, recalling Tholey Cathedral’s windows.
Between perceptible and imperceptible, Luigi Tolotti's "windows", by a continuous visual loop, reveal by lights, music and images drawn from history, art, cinema, nature and current events, what is at the basis of theoretical physics, mathematics, energy and man: the principle of duality, positive and negative, true and false, visible and invisible, 1 and 0, with perpetual motion.

In the two exhibition venues the expositive paths of Cathedral Effect will be diversified. If the visitor, at the Trieste's Trart art space, will admire the windows in their entirety and complex significance, the Gorizia's Prologo art gallery will be exhibit the large multiple portraits and browsable artworks by the viewer.

The two exhibition's openings will be broadcast simultaneously and live streaming.

The exhibition will be open until 11th September 2020.




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Organized by
Associazione Acquamarina
Spazio d'arte trart
In collaboration with
Associazione Prologo di Gorizia