Boll - Them and Me | ARS

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Boll - Them and Me | ARS

From Thursday 30 July 2020 to Saturday 01 August 2020
Schedule 22:00-23:30

Piazza Libertà, Turriaco - Piazza Libertà, Turriaco


Boll is an interactive video installation in which different people can simultaneously create abstract shapes using their bodies and gestures.

The fil rouge of this piece is the relationship between the two concepts of “inward” and “outward”, or rather the possibility to choose whether to remain in one's world, devoid of relationships, or to step into the multitude of things that surround the self. Boll unfolds by means of different sceneries which alternate on the screen, offering an array of interactive experiences.

The spectator observes the images from afar, he then gets close, he passes through an imaginary veil and observes as, little by little, his silhouette appears within the scene and starts to interact with the scenery. The spectator picked his place, he stepped into the “outward” and is now apparent to everybody.

Project, images, music and software of
Paolo Scoppola

The event is part of the project Arti Relazioni Scienze by 47|04


From 10 years up


Free entry.

Organized by
 ARS - Arti Relazioni Scienze
In collaboration with
Contaminazioni digitali
With the support of
Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
Comune di Turriaco