All you can Hitler | ARS

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All you can Hitler | ARS

Thursday 30 July 2020
Schedule 21:30-22:30

Piazzale Faidutti, Turriaco - -, Turriaco


"All you can Hitler" is a take on the consequences of the unbalanced relationship between man and nature, West and Third World. The performance sets off dealing with the dire situation of Kiribati, the first Country facing the possibility of being wiped off the maps due to humanity’s intervention in nature. It is something rarely spoken of, even though it undeniably is an unprecedented event that should prompt us to change our habits before Europe itself is swallowed up by the Ocean. Taking off from this incredible, though very modern, story Peso Piuma imagines the fate of the last western man left on the isle, the manager of an italian prepackaged snack company, in his quest to find a way to go back home while an insistent and increasingly dense rain prevents the landing of the plane meant to save him. Accompanying him are his loyal janitor, shipwrecked on one of the isles when he was just a kid and a compatriot, a wannabe Che Guevara that came unprompted to bring solidarity for the kiribatian population.

Compagnia Peso piuma
di Giorgio Franchi
regia e scene Andrea Piazza
Riccardo Bursi
Marco Iacuzio
Riccardo Vicardi

The event is part of the project Arti Relazioni Scienze by 47|04


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Organized by
 ARS - Arti Relazioni Scienze
In collaboration with
Contaminazioni digitali
With the support of
Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
Comune di Turriaco