The Search for Symmetry

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The Search for Symmetry

Friday 17 July 2020
Schedule 21:00-22:30

La Contrada Teatro Stabile di Trieste - Via del Ghirlandaio, 12, Trieste


Chiara Boscaro and Marco Di Stefano, young but experienced Milanese playwrights, with multiple experiences behind them and many awards obtained, participated to a resident artist project in Friuli Venezia Giulia aiming at contaminating science communication and theatre. Now, a year later, they have written a text starting from the experience, but above all from that experience that took place at the SISSA in Trieste. The topic: Symmetry. The representation will take place in collaboration with the event “The energy of places” in Visogliano, on the occasion of an exhibition of contemporary art that aims to enhance the territory, to emphasize the visual and concrete connection of scientific institutions in the environment that surrounds them .
The dramaturgical text intertwines two lines:
1. the story of Abdus Salam from Pakistan to Oxford to Trieste, through the stages of the foundation of the ICTP and the Nobel Prize and the commitment for young scientists from Third World countries.
2. the story of a young woman nowadays, in the Trieste of ESOF 2020.
The theatre show is accompanied by two days of free internships for authors, actors and citizenship focused on theatre / science writing to continue and strengthen, this time with a group of "expert listeners" and people who want to experience dramaturgical writing , the link of these initiatives with the territory. The direction is entrusted to Marco Casazza, who thanks to international experience and training skills could better interpret the proposed themes. The company is made up of five professional actors.


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Organized by
La Contrada Teatro Stabile di Trieste
In collaboration with
Golden Show
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Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia